• The Celtic Social club

Label Kitchen Records

We are delighted and proud to work with the London label KITCHEN DISCO RECORDS. Our latest album From Babylon To Avalon will be released in September on the English label in an upgraded version with 3 bonuses and new packaging.

A huge new step for the Celtic Social Club which sees the British territory as an exciting brand new playground.

Here their "philosophy" :

We started a record label.

Not because we’re exclusively about music, but because we believe music has the power to be the strongest glue between different values, cultures, movements, mediums and people.

In its purest form music only has 12 notes.

That’s just 12 notes to get you from Beethoven to the Beastie Boys. The only differences are diversity of thought, original ideas and creative endeavour.  

Music can start a riot on the streets or in your heart, it can kick off a brand new day and kick start a lifetime of memories. It’s crying between your headphones at the back of the bus or celebrating life in your own kitchen.

Music can help change and form a culture where creativity is championed and rewarded.

Welcome to Kitchen Disco Records…

Where all creativity is celebrated, genres are diverse and collaboration is chosen over competition.

If the best parties are in the kitchen, then we can’t think of a better place for us to join the conversation, and maybe, with a little help from our friends, old and new, we could change the world, even if its one song at a time.

Is that so stupid?

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