September 10, 2020

Today London label KITCHEN DISCO RECORDS  release the English version of our third album, FROM BABYLON TO AVALON, on double vinyl, CD and digital.

// LE CLUB //

August 24, 2020

JOIN the other "CLUB" of the CELTIC !

We launch our community to create and invent new links with all those who love our adventure.

// Tee-shirt From Babylon to Avalon //

August 09, 2020

Like Marie Lou, proudly wear the colors of the band.

// Welcome Kitchen Disco Records //

June 28, 2020

We are delighted and proud to work with the London label KITCHEN DISCO RECORDS. Our latest album From Babylon To Avalon will be released in September on the English label in an upgraded version with 3 bonuses and new packaging.
A huge new step for the Celtic Social Club which sees the British territory as an exciting brand new playground.

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